Pubdate: Tue, 12 Feb 2002
Source: Daily Camera (CO)
Copyright: 2002 The Daily Camera.
Author: R. T. Beaufait


Overzealous System Ruins Many Lives

Congratulations! This was a very unbiased, intelligent and mature analysis 
of the problem with the "war on drugs." I am referring to the Sunday, Feb. 
3 published opinion (with a tabloid style title of ) "Is pot truly 
'addictive'?" by Clay Evans.

It is time to leave the paranoia behind and deal with the many underlying 
subjects in a truly constructive and intelligent manner. There are too many 
of our fellow men and women whose lives have been ruined by an alarming 
incarceration rate by an overly zealous conservative legal system. It does 
not seem logical to lock up a citizen for a non-violent, soft crime such a 
smoking marijuana in the privacy of his bedroom - and at up to five times 
longer than a violent repeat offending criminal who committed a rape or 

The bottom line is that the punishments are not in true proportion to the 
offense taken by the average citizen for each respective crime. The legal 
system is out of control, and needs some correction by the voters. Boulder 
should lead the way.

R. T. BEAUFAIT, Louisville
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