Pubdate: Mon, 11 Feb 2002
Source: Athens Banner-Herald (GA)
Copyright: 2002 Athens Newspapers Inc
Author: Christopher Fugett


I am writing in response to the Jan. 17 letter by Mr. Mark Knick. Mr. Knick 
believes the Athens-Clarke County Police Department had wrongly seized an 
82-year-old woman's home. I question why Mr. Knick is so quick to jump on 
the defensive wagon?

If Mr. Knick were remotely familiar with the circumstances in which this 
lady's home was seized by police, he most definitely would support our law 
enforcement in these efforts. Police had been out there numerous times on 
drug complaints from neighbors and warned this lady several times, yet 
there was no compliance on her part to stop her son and his "customers" 
from using her home for their transactions; and yes, Mr. Knick, there are 
provisions in our law books on this matter, in laymen terms: We cannot 
allow illegal drug activity on our property and expect to look "innocent."

I'm assuming by Mr. Knick's statement that "our schools are filling up with 
armed policemen and search dogs" that those actions by officials are 
unnecessary also? My kids should have the right to go to school and not 
worry about being caught up in the cross-fire from a drug deal gone bad by 
their peers; my kids should have the right to walk in neighborhoods and not 
pass by a home plagued by drug activity like the one seized by our law 

With that said Mr. Knick, it's not America that needs to "wake up, "it's 
you. We're at war, not only with foreign entities, but with drug dealers 
and those who harbor them, as well as blind people who are too worried 
about "freedoms" and "rights" when safety and getting drugs off the street 
should be paramount!

You mention the "Constitution" -- may I remind you that a lot has changed 
in our world since the Constitution was written. Surely our forefathers 
would expect our country's governing bodies to protect our society from 
situations such as drug dealings. Which side are you on: getting drugs out 
of our society or protecting those who bring them in?

Christopher Fugett
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