Pubdate: Fri, 20 Dec 2002
Source: New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
Contact:  2002 New Zealand Herald


Police today dismissed a complaint against green MP Nandor Tanczos for dope 

Green Party bosses described the complaint against Mr Tanczos as a 
"pathetic vindictive little joke" by New Zealand First MP Craig McNair.

Mr Tanczos is a self confessed cannabis smoker, who says he uses it for 
religious purposes associated with Rastafarian faith.

Green co-leader Rod Donald said the complaint highlighted the need for a 
law change.

"Already police have wasted too many hours investigating what was never 
anything but a frivolous publicity stunt.

"This complaint was laid almost three months ago. How many police hours 
have been spent on it since September?"

Detective Inspector Harry Quinn wrote to Mr McNair saying that after the 
investigation there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute.

"Inquiries have been made into your allegations and a review of that 
information has been conducted.

"As a result, Wellington police have concluded that no criminal offending 
can be established to requisite standard on the evidence presently available."

Mr Tanzcos said today he was interviewed once by police who presented him 
with evidence of his past statements on personal cannabis use.

Mr Quinn said in the interview that "Mr Tanzcos was co-operative but 
asserted his legal rights not to answer questions relating to his personal 
cannabis use".

The senior police officer felt that while prosecutions based on historical 
admissions could be successful, in this case legal requirements weren't met.

"Publicly stating that you intend using cannabis in the future is not an 

Mr McNair said he was disappointed that the Green MP "lacked the courage" 
to answer questions.

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