Pubdate: Sun, 15 Dec 2002
Source: Ogdensburg Journal/Advance News (NY)
Copyright: 2002 St. Lawrence County Newspapers Corp
Author: Charles Kelly
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Sheriff Gary Jarvis, the St Lawrence County Drug Task Force, city and
area police agencies deserve a great deal of credit for the recent
drug round up that resulted in 19 arrest of alleged coke, crack,
methamphetamine and pot peddlers. The following night the Franklin
County Narcotics task force seized about 175 pounds of hydroponic
marijuana in the Moira area. The two defendants are from Oregon and
New Jersey.

What's striking is that most of the defendants were in their 30's,
40's, and 50's. It shows once again that the drug problem is not just
a youth problem. It's cause by adults who intentionally prey on our
children to create addicts to become steady customers.

While a lot of people argue that the drug problem should be treated
solely as a "health problem" that requires treatment to escape
addiction, the reality is that most addicts need the threat of
punishment to give them the motivation to participate in treatment

Anyone who regularly reads the court stories notice that most of the
county's criminals suffer from either alcoholism or drug addiction.
When they face the prospect of jail, they agree to go into a detox
program. Without criminal penalties, they would just go back to
business as usual. 
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