Pubdate: Wed, 11 Dec 2002
Source: Decatur Daily (AL)
Copyright: 2002 The Decatur Daily
Author: Nancy Gillespie


The Decatur Daily:

As a child, I recited the Pledge of Allegiance with pride. I believed that 
in the United States of America, we had something no other country had: 
liberty and justice for all. As an adult, I have continued to believe that 
our local system of law and order upheld these principles -- whether black 
or white, rich or just getting by, for drug addicts as well as doctors and 
lawyers. My idealism has been crushed now that I realize that law 
enforcement is selective; liberty and justice for those who are chosen.

Yes, I know that some situations require a judgment call, but it is clear 
that in Morgan County, Ala., a doctor may not be held to the same laws as 
the little man and that's called "officer discretion"; while self-professed 
drug dealers are not investigated under the "if nobody complains, we can 
look the other way" rule.

What can we, the people, do about it? We must not remain silent. We must 
voice these unfair and unjust circumstances to our local officials. We 
should remind each other that our government was intended to be "of the 
people, by the people and for the people" -- all the people.

Nancy Gillespie

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