Pubdate: Tue, 10 Dec 2002
Source: Hartselle Enquirer, The (AL)
Copyright: 2002 Hartselle Enquirer
Author: Robyn Hitt



I have sat back for a week now and listened and read about all the
people wanting the names of children who might or might not have
failed a drug test at Hartselle High School and find it absolutely
appalling. Appalling in the fact that those children who do fail, have
the right as juveniles in this state to anonymity. It really concerns
me as to why people are so nosy that they want the student's names
entered into the public to chastise these children.

These are the same nosy parents that we all went to school with that
smoked marijuana, drank, took speed among other things but tried to
hide it from others. Would they have liked their names published
inside the paper for all to read? Some of those same people are
teaching our children in schools in the city of Hartselle today. I
agree these children need to be in some form of counseling and or
other programs. I do not agree that me nor anyone else has the right
to view the children's names at anytime. Chill.

Children will be children, and when it comes to teenagers, I was one
as well experimented with things and situations as all teenagers have
and will continue to do. I turned out to be a good person, good parent
and have a great love for all people in this world. Black, White or
polka-dotted we all, rich or poor, deserve as children to make our
mistakes and, with guidance, grow up to be responsible mature adults.

In my opinion when you punish these children publicly for people to
view them in a lower manner than before we are asking for these
children to be humiliated and shamed. How therapeutic is that supposed
to be?

I often wonder what happened to our well-mannered children? They have
gotten so ill mannered and ungovernable. Could it be due to the fact
that we as parents just let the system raise our children? We as
parents let the system set rules and laws that punish our children
instead of finding the best possible solution? The last time I
remember it wasn't the system that was there when my children were
born. It was God, the doctor, nurses and myself. Nobody else. Yet we
let the system set rules, tell our children how long their pants can
be, what kind of jewelry they can and can't wear, all along sitting
back and just letting it all happen. Seems funny to me I never have
sent my children to the next door neighbor's for a spanking. How silly
of me.

Robyn Hitt

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