Pubdate: Fri, 21 Dec 2001
Source: Abbotsford Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2001 The Abbotsford Times
Author: Stephen Heath


The Editor:

Re: 'Call it the Cheech & Chong Plan' (Times, Dec. 11)

Thanks for the suggestions made in Cale Cowan's column. It is certainly 
reasonable to propose that society address the very real problems of 
addiction - to whatever substance or passion that may inhibit healthy living.

But as you note, addictions to caffeine, nicotine, or Maple Leaf hockey 
(down here, it's Florida Gator football) do not promote our lawmakers to 
enact criminal penalties for anyone who buys a pack of cigarettes, a cup of 
coffee or a ticket to a hockey game.

Instead, as you astutely note, these policies are reserved for a short list 
of socially unpopular habits, most notably the consumption by adults of 

If public safety and health were the true priority, tobacco and alcohol 
would carry strong criminal sanctions while marijuana possesion would 
likely warrant nothing more than a municipal citation.

I notice more than a few Canadian licence plates here in Florida during 
that event you all know as winter (wazzat? we ask here). Any chance you 
could commute seasonly and contribute such common sense opinions to our own 
prohibition-minded editorial pages here?

If so, we'd be glad to provide you with all the Marlboros, Starbucks and 
Gator tickets you can handle . . . and with no fear of arrest.

Stephen Heath

Drug Policy Forum of Florida

Clearwater, Fla.
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