Pubdate: Wed,  4 Dec 2002
Source: Detroit Free Press (MI)
Contact:  2002 Detroit Free Press
Author: Ronald E. Carr


Rivalries exploding into killing is nothing new, nor is the fact that the
violence against children continues despite initiatives by the mayor, police
and prosecutor. What is tragic, besides the loss of life, is the fact that
none of the blame for these killings is given to drug prohibition. 

The parallels to alcohol prohibition and drug prohibition are astounding,
and yet very few citizens, government officials or media outlets are willing
to link these parallels to the violence of our society today. The blame is
always given to an abundance of guns, or violent video games and music
lyrics. No one seems to understand the consequences of restrictive
legislation on a free society. 

Sadly, this country still insists on ignoring that the violence attributed
to alcohol prohibition did not subside until the prohibition ended;
likewise, the violence attributed to drug prohibition will not end until
drug prohibition is ended. More laws and erosion of the Bill of Rights will
not stop the killing of innocents. 

Ronald E. Carr

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