Pubdate: Thu, 28 Nov 2002
Source: Wisconsin Rapids Tribune (WI)
Copyright: 2002 2001, The Daily Tribune
Author: Gary Storck


It was good to read the letter about the new cancer center at Riverview in 
Wisconsin Rapids ("Cancer center to be convenient," Nov 14).

While it seems the new center will have state of the art facilities for 
cancer patients, one piece of the puzzle will be missing, and it is 
something the center cannot legally provide under current state and federal 
law, and that is access to medical marijuana for those patients who do not 
respond to conventional nausea and pain medications.

Oncologists and other health care professionals know that for many 
patients, medicinal cannabis may be the only thing that makes treatment 
bearable and offers a way to regain strength and beat cancer. And for those 
who will not get better, it offers a way to relieve pain and regain a 
little quality of life in those last days.

Support for medical marijuana is strong among the people of Wisconsin, a 
February 2002 poll found support at around 80 percent, and an October 2002 
poll conducted on behalf of the Ed Thompson campaign with a larger sample 
found over 70 percent support. A recent Time Magazine poll found 80 percent 
of Americans support relegalizing medical marijuana.

When are our elected representatives going to act on behalf of their 
constituent's wishes and pass these laws so patients are not criminalized 
for trying to find relief? Contact your state and federal representatives 
and let them know that you expect action on medical marijuana legislation 
when the new sessions begin in January.


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