Pubdate: Fri, 28 Nov 2002
Source: Oak Ridger (TN)
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Author:    Kirk Muse


To The Oak Ridger:

Thanks for publishing Rachel Sewell Nesteruk's outstanding letter: "Police 
should tackle more important crimes than drugs" (Nov. 14, 2002). Our war on 
drugs has been a complete failure and a total waste of our tax dollars.

Speaking of our drug war and tax dollars, in 1969 the federal drug 
enforcement budget was $65 million. This year it's $19.2 billion. (This 
does not include the cost of incarceration nor the state and local costs.) 
The $19.2 billion is greater than a 295-fold increase.

If the price of coffee which sold for 25 cents a cup in 1969 had increased 
at the same rate, coffee would now sell for almost $75 a cup. More than $75 
with sales tax.

What have we received for our so-called investment? Anybody who wants to 
purchase drugs can still do so -- just as easily as in 1969!

Kirk Muse

Mesa, AZ
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