Pubdate: Tue, 19 Nov 2002
Source: Daily Independent, The (KY)
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Author: Kirsten Stanley, Of The Daily Independent


Louisa Drug Problem Needs Immediate Action

LOUISA - Police Chief Kevin Adkins says the drug problem in this town of 
2,000 residents calls for immediate action.

Having one in every two arrests being made for drug offenses is 
unacceptable, he says.

A multi-jurisdictional drug task force to target those involved in illegal 
drug activity is the best course of action, the chief said.

"I think we need to act. It has gotten so bad that something needs to be 
done now," Adkins said.

Ideally, he said, the task force would include the police department, the 
Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, the Kentucky State Police and possibly 
the federal government. They would work together to pool resources and 
information to curb drug activity in the area. The chief said the group 
would also apply for state and federal grants to help in their efforts.

The idea, though still in its infancy, needs to be pursued, Adkins said. 
"It (drug activity) has gotten much worse and I think this (task force) 
will help the situation," said the five-year chief.

Earlier this month, five people were arrested in the Best Western in 
downtown Louisa for possession of morphine, which they had made into a 
paste and cooked down to make it injectable.

"It's not just marijuana anymore like it used to be. Now, we have marijuana 
and all sorts of pills. It something that we cannot let get out of hand," 
Adkins said.

Louisa Police Sgt. Garrett Roberts, Lawrence County sheriff-elect, said he 
supports the concept.

"I think it would be an excellent tool. It would enable all of the agencies 
to share information and work together," he said.

Roberts said the group could work hand-in-hand with a community-policing 
program he plans to implement after taking office in January.

"I think we need to get the public involved in our efforts. We need to have 
people calling our silent witness tip line and reporting suspicious people. 
I think that would help, " Roberts said.

The tip line number is (606) 638-4679.
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