Pubdate: Wed, 30 Oct 2002
Source: Boston Weekly Dig (MA)
Copyright: 2002 Boston Weekly Dig
Author: Jeremy Cranfill
Note: Parenthetical remark by Weekly Dig editor



Ah, sometimes your readers baffle me. In a letter to the editor two weeks 
ago ("Marijuana Use Supports Terrorism," Issue #4.39), Matt Helm attempts 
to place blame on cannabis users for the supposed criminal activities of 
some third world countries. Never mind the fact that it is estimated that 
roughly half of the cannabis consumed in the US is also grown in the US. 
Never mind that it is the illegality of cannabis that drives the prices 
through the roof, allowing criminal organizations the huge profits used to 
fund their violent activities. Obviously Mr. Helm learned all he needs to 
know about bad drug policies from the criminals who run this country.

Please Mr. Helm, don't just parrot the prohibitionist party line. The truth 
is out there; find out for yourself what's really causing crime: It's the 
prohibition on freedom, not the drugs.

Sincerely, Jeremy Cranfill

(Sometimes our readers baffle me too, but not lately. Helm's letter 
generated over a half-dozen letters in response, all offering similar 
criticisms, as you did, of his logic and voicing support for the end of 
marijuana prohibition. Unfortunately, we lack the space to run them all, 
but that doesn't mean we aren't aware of the overwhelming call for a change 
in current drug policy.


Joe Bonni
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