Pubdate: Wed, 23 Oct 2002
Source: Mayerthorpe Freelancer (CN AB)
Copyright: 2002 The Freelancer
Author: James Mason


To the Editor:

Some "thoughtful" points regarding the legalization of the lowly yet 
cherished marijuana plant.

It would seem to my overactive imagination that the media industry as well 
as some "brilliant" intellectuals in our Canadian society, are on a 
campaign to legalize their approval of this wonderful weed for stimulation, 
medication or for any other ailments one might have. Kind of like an all 
purpose snake oil.

Legalizing this wonderful substance could provide some challenges that 
should be considered.

#1 How will the stupid non-using people ever be successful in a society 
surrounded by all the intellectually enhanced Einstein's that would be 
using the legalized supersmartweed?

#2 The noble, kind and generous folk that presently cultivate and market 
this wonderful crop (out of the goodness of their hearts, of course) would 
need to survive. If the value of this easily grown weed dropped to make its 
growth and traffic uneconomical, these wonderful folks might be forced, out 
of economic necessity to begin to dabble in more lucrative illegal 
substances. They might be forced to lower their high moral standards just 
to eke out the humble lifestyle that the presently maintain.

#3 Our healthcare system would probably go broke. Why once people began to 
puff the magic uh, dragon, there would be no more sickness and pain, and 
sorrow and sighing would flee away. Our hospitals and doctors and nurses 
and dentists and chiropractors and I'm not sure who else, would all be out 
of work. If one did feel the slightest twinge of pain, one could wander 
down to the local convenience store and purchase a pack of magic marlboros 
(which of course would be very cheap since it doesn't harm the body like 
that nasty tobacco) and one could endure almost anything after lighting up 
and inhabiting the following painfree and intellectually enlightening fog.

#4 The politicians would not know where to spend all the surplus tax 
revenue from this popular commodity, they would have to spend it on long 
black limos with dark tinted windows and heavy gold chains to wear. Oh 
wait, how could they possibly tax something that is more important than 
food? Better scratch #4.

#5 Taking this stuff away from the underage group would certainly cause 
considerably anxiety to them. Consider for a moment how tough it is on the 
kids of today, to have to wait until the legal age before taking a sip of 
alcohol or a puff of tobacco. Of course we all know that NOBODY jumps the 
gun, right? So to add another substance to the controlled product list 
would be most inconsiderate.

Really though, it seems to me that human nature is such that when a line is 
drawn anywhere, there are those that insist on stepping across it. Moving 
the line is not going to change anything. If marijuana is as harmless as 
many promote, and if it does not lead to the use of "harder" drugs, then 
what better place to leave a line. This way, those that need a line to step 
across can do so without harming themselves or others.

James Mason

Mayerthorpe, Alberta
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