Pubdate: Thu, 24 Oct 2002
Source: Las Vegas City Life (NV)
Copyright: 2002sLas Vegas City Life
Author: Jay Hunter
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I wanted to express my gratitude for the fine work of Mr. Lawrence and his 
colleagues [Letters, "Keep pot illegal for the sake of our kids," Oct. 3]. 
Thanks to him (and the efforts of millions of police officers nationwide), 
marijuana has been considered the most easily attainable intoxicant for 
children in 8th through 12th grades since 1975.

So keep up the good work. I'm sure any day now you'll catch that last 
lonely pot smoker, and this whole silly thing will be behind us. Just how 
many more arrests will it take?

If you are serious about protecting "the kids," then you should listen to 
them. The responses they give leave no margin for doubt. It doesn't matter 
which survey you look at. They use whatever forum will give them a voice to 
say that criminal prohibition has failed to keep the drugs out of reach.

Tobacco and alcohol are the hardest drugs to get, according to these same 
surveys. See, for some reason people keep demanding to see ID before they 
sell our kids cigarettes. Too bad drug dealers only ask for cash.

Police officers should stick to enforcing policy rather than trying to 
dictate it. Opinions given "as a police officer" are still just that, and 
they should carry the same weight as any other citizen's opinion - less, in 
fact, considering how financially dependent police are on the war on drugs.

Jay Hunter

Pittsburgh, Pa.
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