Pubdate: Thu, 24 Oct 2002
Source: Las Vegas Mercury (NV)
Copyright: 2002 Las Vegas Mercury
Author: Steve Evans
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Enforcement) (Question 9 (NV))


In watching the debate concerning Question 9 on the November ballot, I
notice the words "Sin City," "sin tax," etc., seem to come up often.
References to prostitution and gambling are numerous. As a Christian, I
have seen nothing in the Bible supporting prohibition of this God-given
plant. There are, however, many references condemning lies and the
unfounded persecution of fellow human beings.

The only drug mentioned as such in the Christian Bible is alcohol. While
the Bible condemns drunkenness and irresponsible use, alcohol is also
touted for its medicinal uses and as a "lifter of spirits." According to
ancient Hebrew texts, Cannabis ("kaneh bosm") was a primary ingredient in
sacred anointing oils. It is clear the misconception of "The Evil Weed" was
produced by decades of reefer madness propaganda, not God Almighty.

Steve Evans

St. Crete, Neb.
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