Pubdate: Thu, 24 Oct 2002
Source: Waukesha Freeman (WI)
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Jim Young states "the ecological balance of Wisconsin is under constant 
attack from those who seek private, short-term gain at the expense of our 
public environmental treasures." Young is the best candidate for governor.

A primary concern is the power of money in politics. Look at the Madison 
caucus scandal.The Democrats and their leadership stand accused of trading 
votes for campaign contributions.

Doris "Granny D" Haddock said, "While wealth has always influenced our 
politics, what is new is the increasing concentration of wealth and the 
widening divide between the political interests of the common people and 
the political interests of the very wealthy. What villainy allows this 
political condition? The twin viral ideas that money is speech and that 
corporations are people. If money is speech, then those with more money 
have more speech, and that idea is antithetical to democracy. It makes us 
no longer equal citizens."

Democrats and Republicans have chosen profits over people time and time 
again. This has poisoned our water and fish with mercury, PCBs and other 

Young said in the Eau Claire gubernatorial debate, "We have to create a 
state of balance - fiscally, socially, and ecologically. I believe in 
having respectful relationships with people and interactions with 
government. We need the democratic reforms to make those things happen 
where people are in control of the government."

Young would reform Wisconsin's drug and prison policies. We spend around a 
billion dollars on the drug war annually. Young asks, "Why are we moving 
toward a police state?" I believe our rights are disappearing. Let's focus 
more on education and jobs because, as Bernie Dalsey has pointed out, 
education levels are inversely proportional to prison populations.

(Jim) Doyle said on Wisconsin's prison population, "I've spent my career 
putting those people into prison, and that's where they belong." People do 
not belong in jail who have committed nonviolent crimes. We shouldn't send 
them to jail as a first resort. That just increases prison industry 
revenues. Wisconsin's corrections spending has gone up around 500 percent 
and prison populations doubled since Doyle became attorney general.

Young said on the environment, "We need to pass a seventh generation 
amendment to our constitution so that all legislation and development 
decisions consider the impacts on the seventh generation to come. This is 
the wisdom and vision necessary to provide a sustainable future for our 

I'm voting for Jim Young.

Brad Geyer, Jefferson
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