Pubdate: Wed, 23 Oct 2002
Source: Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO)
Copyright: 2002, Denver Publishing Co.
Author: Mark Dalpiaz


I would like to remind Colorado voters that even though (in the last 
election) the majority of us overwhelmingly approved the medical use of 
marijuana, our elected servants seem determined to deny the people what 
they have so strongly and so democratically indicated they want.

Both Gov. Bill Owens and Attorney General Ken Salazar opposed the medical 
marijuana initiative right from the start. That's fair enough; these people 
are entitled to their opinions. But the initiative passed by an extremely 
clear mandate and is now Colorado law. Is it not the duty of these people 
to uphold and defend Colorado law as enacted by the democratic process?

Neither Salazar nor Owens seems to think so. After this law took effect, 
Owens and Salazar co-authored a letter to the Colorado Medical Society 
warning that any doctors who prescribe marijuana risk the loss of their 
medical license. They then sent a letter to the acting U.S. attorney, 
Richard Spriggs, calling on him to "enforce federal law" and asking his 
office to prosecute anyone (doctor or private citizen) who prescribes, uses 
or cultivates any marijuana for medicinal use as approved by Colorado law.

So much for democracy and the will of the people.

On the bright side, Spriggs bluntly rebuffed Owens and Salazar. Is it 
possible that the federal government has tired of the increasingly negative 
attention they generate every time the DEA arrests yet another quadriplegic 
or dying AIDS patient? One would hope so.

If you support the democratic process, medical marijuana - or both - please 
join me in boycotting the re-election of Owens and Salazar. Luckily, there 
are several other well-qualified and less arrogant candidates.

Mark Dalpiaz Salida
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