Pubdate: Tue, 22 Oct 2002
Source: Medicine Hat News (CN AB)
Copyright: 2002 Alberta Newspaper Group, Inc.
Author: Josh Sutcliffe
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Regarding Legalization Misguided by Charmaine Wood, Friday, Oct 18:

I think those working for the legalization of marijuana in Canada should be 
commended for their patience. How difficult it must be to have to listen to 
comments like the ones made by Charmaine Wood over and over again without 
going crazy.

Let's pretend that everything she writes regarding marijuana is true. Let's 
say pot makes you lazy and stupid (in spite of the fact people like 
scientist Carl Sagan extolled it's virtues), and that it is a gateway 
(another myth debunked time and time again) to harder drugs. Legalization 
does not mean endorsement -- it means getting rid of the black market. It 
should be noted that the black market is far more dangerous than marijuana; 
even the marijuana that exists in Wood's world.

If pot is so bad, why do you have to arrest people in order to try (and 
fail) to prevent them from smoking it?

Josh Sutcliffe, Brooklyn, NY
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