Pubdate: Fri, 18 Oct 2002
Source: Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
Copyright: 2002, Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Bonnie Gustafson
Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor, headline by newshawk


RE: DUANE Treacy's Oct. 14 letter on medicinal marijuana, listing his 
observations on the effects of his smoking marijuana. It seems that Treacy 
got a few benefits from smoking marijuana, but like any other drug such as 
liquor, prescription drugs, smoking or even hard drugs, you have to be 
aware of the dosage needed in order to attain the effect for which you are 

Duane, if smoking marijuana causes you to become antisocial, depressed and 
lethargic (just to list a few of the feelings that you seem to get from 
smoking marijuana), I'd advise you to talk with someone who has smoked 
marijuana for a number of years, in order for you to learn how to manage 
your intake and maybe help you to discern the difference in potencies. I 
hope this advice helps you to use this benign herb in a more responsible way.

Bonnie Gustafson

(There's nothing like the marijuana debate to get the letters flowing.)
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