Pubdate: Tue, 15 Oct 2002
Source: Abbotsford Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 The Abbotsford Times
Author: Alan Randell



Re: 'Scaring away the riff-raff' [Times, Oct. 1].

Let's get a few things straight about our rights.

Free adults have the right to buy and sell sexual favours and to ingest any 
drug, however harmful.

This story demonstrates conclusively that government and media propaganda 
can persuade supposedly educated, sophisticated, "normal" people to hate a 
totally innocent minority.

Let no one now say that it is difficult to understand how the German people 
were persuaded to support Hitler's policies towards the Jews.

When it comes to our laws, it gets even weirder though.

The problems of street prostitution and drugs being sold in residential 
areas are the direct result of the laws banning those activities.

So there we have it. Government causes the problem and then persuades the 
public that things can be improved only by hating the innocent minority 
being singled out for persecution in the first place.

Unless the Charter of Rights and Freedoms isn't worth the paper its written 
on [a distinct possibility, I will admit], the courts will soon instruct 
our sanctimonious politicians and their media sycophants that the laws 
banning prostitution and drugs are null and void.

And then, hopefully, the "good neighbours" in the north McCallum area will 
no longer feel the need to parade their government-induced bigotry and 
ignorance for all to see.

Alan Randell Victoria
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