Pubdate: Wed, 16 Oct 2002
Source: Pahrump Valley Times (NV)
Copyright: 2002 Pahrump Valley Times
Author: Linda Cook
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Hemp is not our enemy; fear and ignorance is. After hearing the negative 
misinformation about Proposition 9, I feel I must enlighten these people on 
the subject.

Hemp laws are a crime against humanity and our environment. We as a country 
and people don't need American citizens in prison earning less than one 
dollar an hour, so big business can earn a large profit and own and control 
the prisons, not to mention control of our hearts and minds.

Thomas Jefferson sent spies overseas to smuggle out hemp seeds so we could 
grow hemp to make paper so we could be free and independent from England.

My heart goes out to the people who have lost a loved one due to the War on 
Drugs, or behind the wheel of a car. War is not the answer.

Responsible use and education are the keys to all things, including this. 
As far as violence, you are what you are. Give education and peace a 
chance. Quit inflicting your negative reality on me and my fellow Americans.

I vote yes on Proposition 9. I vote to help heal the sick, to have family 
farms again, to expand our economy of textiles, farm equipment, save fuel, 
clean air, (and) create new jobs. Let's repair our environment and keep our 
families together. God doesn't make mistakes, mom does.

Here's a little more information about the history of hemp:

1. You could pay your taxes with hemp in early America.

2. Any family who grew hemp on a family farm, their sons were exempt from 
going to war during WWII.

3. Henry Ford developed a plastic from hemp that was 10 times stronger than 
metal, and free from polluting.

The misinformation took a deep root during the industrial revolution. Hemp 
is not our enemy. Hemp is not a dangerous drug. It's a plant that God put 
on our planet to bring balance to the environment.

So before you educators educate your children, educate yourselves. I, Linda 
Cook, vote yes - for the truth.

Linda Cook
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