Pubdate: Mon, 14 Oct 2002
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Author: Dave Michon


The deaths of Dennis and Denise Schilling after prosecutors moved to seize 
their home after a minor marijuana bust do, indeed, make them martyrs to 
Drug War Inc. opponents everywhere, no matter what hogwash the prosecutors 
may spout to cover their political assets ("Pair were martyrs in effort to 
legalize pot, their children believe," Oct. 8).

These folks died because the pulpit-pounders have a sick obsession with a 
simple plant. Such stories as the Schillings' are not rare. We read of 
Attorney General John Ashcroft's ridiculous medical marijuana raids in 
California - with their images of bedridden paraplegics being handcuffed, 
and guns in their faces. Meanwhile, in Florida, President Bush's niece gets 
a pass to a posh facility after a felony prescription fraud case, and is 
caught twice with hard drugs and nothing ever happens to her. The police 
can't even question the people who found the crack on her while the other 
clients protest that her constant drug use is disrupting the atmosphere of 

Now, Wisconsin children lose their parents and home over a little 
marijuana. I am mad as hell. This drug war has become a monster, and we 
must drive a stake of compassion, decency and freedom through its vile 
heart. Those prosecutors who abjectly excuse their role in the Schilling 
deaths should hang their heads and look in their conscience for an 
indictment of manslaughter from a higher power.

Dave Michon, Eau Claire
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