Pubdate: Sat, 12 Oct 2002
Source: Buffalo News (NY)
Copyright: 2002 The Buffalo News
Author: Eric A. Gallion


While it seems that the rest of the world is waking up to the stupidity of 
marijuana prohibition, the response of our leaders is to fund yet another 
expensive ad campaign to try to scare parents into renewed support for the 
failed war on drugs.

Meanwhile, we lose hundreds of teens each year to alcohol-related 
accidents. Thousands more become addicted to nicotine, a drug our 
government refuses to recognize or regulate as a drug, which leads to still 
more illness and death.

How many die from marijuana use? Yet we turn our high schools into little 
prisons, with random drug testing and shakedowns to turn up evidence of 
marijuana use, and react to reports of alcohol or tobacco use with 
comparative relief. Why are we so stupid?

Ironically, prohibition leads directly to use by children. How? By leaving 
distribution and sale to criminals, who will sell to anyone with money. 
Many teens will verify that marijuana is more available than alcohol for 
that very reason. It's time to join the rest of the world in an honest 
re-evaluation of our drug prohibition policies to see what we're really 
accomplishing, as well as the damage we're doing.

Eric A. Gallion

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