Pubdate: Mon, 09 Sep 2002
Source: Advertising Age (US)
Address: 711 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017-4036
Contact:  2002 Crain Communications Inc.
Author: Jason Marrs


Dear Editor,

Interestingly, in his column, The Violent Side of Marijuana Use: White 
House Drug Office Spots Aim For Public Conscience, Bob Garfield was able to 
correctly tie methampetamine and opium to violence, but not marijuana. This 
is the main problem with the latest ads from the White House. 
Methamthetamine is a growing problem in this country. This year Afghanistan 
had its largest poppy crop in history. Both of these drugs and their 
derivatives can have devastating consequences, and have been tied to 
violence and terrorism. Despite that, the White House feels it's more 
important to demonize a drug that the public has a more favorable view of, 
marijuana. I predict this ad campaign will fail due to its creators' 
misplaced priorities.

Jason Marrs

Ossining, N.Y.

Mr. Marrs is a marketing communications specialist for a health-care 
agency. He received his BA in marketing management from New Mexico State 
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