Pubdate: Thu, 10 Oct 2002
Source: Middletown Journal, The (OH)
Copyright: 2002 Cox Newspapers, Inc.
Author: Cathy Mong


EATON - The Greene County prosecutor and his first assistant have been 
appointed special prosecutors in the case involving the Sept. 27 fatal 
shooting of Clayton J. Helriggle by a Preble County Emergency Services Unit 

Helriggle, 23, was shot during a drug raid at his home south of West 

Preble County Prosecutor Rebecca J. Ferguson voluntarily handed the case 
over to William Schenck on Wednesday after speaking with Helriggle's 
family, according to a media release from her office. Suzanne Schmidt, 
first assistant prosecutor in the Greene County office, will assist 
Schenck. No one from either office could be reached for comment.

Preble County Sheriff Tom Hayes turned the investigation over to Montgomery 
County Sheriff Dave Vore's office. Vore has said the results of criminal 
and administrative investigations could take weeks.

Lewisburg Police Sgt. Kent S. Moore, 41, a member of the emergency services 
unit, which is made up of sheriff's deputies and officers from Eaton, 
Lewisburg and New Paris police departments, was placed on administrative 
leave immediately following the shooting.

Helriggle's mother, Sharon Helriggle, said she was relieved Ferguson's 
office would no longer be responsible for prosecutorial decisions in the 
case, including reviewing the investigation of Helriggle's death.

"Mike (Helriggle's father) talked to her (Ferguson) this week, and we said 
we didn't want her to handle it," Mrs. Helriggle said. "We requested a 
different, independent prosecutor."
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