Pubdate: Thu, 10 Oct 2002
Source: Omaha World-Herald (NE)
Copyright: 2002 Omaha World-Herald Company
Author: Paul Tripp
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In Kristen Rose's Oct. 4 letter to the Pulse, she pointed out that kids are 
using marijuana even though it's illegal, and she used that as a reason not 
to legalize marijuana. What she hasn't realized is that teen-agers have an 
easier time getting marijuana because it's illegal.

Right now, marijuana is being sold by drug dealers who don't care how old 
their customers are. If marijuana were legalized, it would likely be sold 
in pharmacies and drug stores, which are a lot more likely to check for ID 
than are drug dealers. Legalizing marijuana would take millions of dollars 
of business away from organized crime, which freely sells to children and 

As a recent high school graduate now attending college, I know that 
marijuana is easy to find in schools of all kinds. Tobacco and alcohol, 
which are legal and regulated, are nearly impossible to get while in 
school, and certainly harder to get than marijuana.

Paul Tripp, Omaha
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