Pubdate: Fri, 04 Oct 2002
Source: Omaha World-Herald (NE)
Copyright: 2002 Omaha World-Herald Company
Author: Kristen Rose


I am disgusted that a parent (Eric J. Andersen, Oct. 1 Pulse) would support 
legalization of marijuana, whether he would allow his 14-year-old daughter 
to use it or not. Legalization of the drug is not a good idea. The argument 
that it's OK as long as it is government-regulated is moot. If kids are 
doing it now, while it's completely illegal, what would stop them from 
breaking the regulations?

I am an 18-year-old high school student, and I see kids who smoke 
marijuana. It takes ever-increasing amounts for them to get high, and 
eventually the marijuana is not enough.

If adults are so concerned about kids, adults should get involved. Do not 
expect the government to be parents for you. Know what your child is doing, 
instead of using the law as a baby-sitter.

Kristen Rose

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