Pubdate: Sun 06 Oct 2002
Source: Omaha World-Herald (NE)
Copyright: 2002 Omaha World-Herald Company
Author: Marv Dorsey


Eric J. Andersen (Oct. 1 Pulse) believes that marijuana should be legalized 
for a number of reasons. I would like to provide the real truth concerning 
Andersen's misguided statements:

Andersen wrote, "If we are serious about reducing marijuana use by 
children, we should legalize and regulate it the same way we regulate alcohol."

Legalization of alcohol has not kept the drug from our children. In fact, 
it has made it even more accessible. His statement about the "success" of 
the Dutch when they legalized marijuana 20 years ago does not go on to 
address the increase in social costs to the taxpayers. My father-in-law 
left Holland because of the ultra-liberal policies of that country. Its 
unemployment is among the highest in Europe.

Andersen also stated that we should shift our focus from law enforcement 
and incarceration to education and treatment. This is an insult to law 
enforcement at every level.

October is Red Ribbon month, and our law enforcement officers are busy 
providing presentations to schools, youth and church groups and any 
organization that requests anti-drug presentations. This is in addition to 
those agencies' normal daily duties of protecting and serving. During Red 
Ribbon month, we need to deter the use of all drugs, including tobacco and 

Marv Dorsey

Plattsmouth, Neb.
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