Pubdate: Tue, 01 Oct 2002
Source: Marshfield News-Herald, The (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers
Author: Matthew Everson


Editor: To say that these ads "set the record straight" is ridiculous. Our 
generation has been bombarded by anti-drug advertising - propaganda that 
says marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are horrible, evil substances - as long 
as we've been alive. Most of us have, at least, tried marijuana, and most 
of us realized that the government was lying to us. It's really no worse 
than alcohol or cigarettes.

The question then becomes, "What else have they been lying to us about?" 
Are cocaine and heroin really that bad - because the government says it's 
all the same as pot. And now I wonder, "Was every beer drinker in the 1920s 
a supporter of organized crime?" By the logic of these advertisements, yes, 
they were. Shouldn't we take a look at the past and realize that our 
government, by means of prohibition, is the creator of a $400 billion/year 
black-market drug trade, and the real supporter of terrorism?

I guess the answer is no, because once again, the ONDCP has decided to 
spend the majority of its advertising budget on "discouraging marijuana 
use." Whoopee! Way to waste our tax dollars. When are you baby-boomers 
going to grow up and realize that we aren't kids anymore? We aren't 
manipulated that easily. We listened to you, you lied to us, and sadly 
enough, we just don't trust you anymore.

Matthew Everson

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