Pubdate: Tue, 24 Sep 2002
Source: Merced Sun-Star (CA)
Contact:  2002 Merced Sun-Star
Author: Amanda Jones
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Editor: Regarding your loathsome editorial, "Medical Marijuana is All Right,

I would like to employ the powerful words of the late Kurt Huber, a German
citizen who dared to defy the Nazi government of his era, in regard to the
activities that took place in Santa Cruz, Sept. 17.

"There is a point at which the law becomes immoral and unethical. That point
is reached when it becomes a cloak for the cowardice that dares not stand up
against blatant violations of justice. A state that suppresses all freedom
of speech, and which by imposing the most terrible punishments, treats each
and every attempt at criticism, however morally justified, and every
suggestion for improvement as plotting to high treason, is a state that
breaks an unwritten law."

Amanda Jones

Sulfur Springs, Texas
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