Pubdate: Fri, 27 Sep 2002
Source: Rutland Herald (VT)
Copyright: 2002 Rutland Herald
Author: Joel Williams
Note: The writer is the Libertarian candidate for governor.


I read with interest your story on "the three leading candidates" and their 
feelings about increasing the police presence because of the war on drugs, 
in "Candidates asked about public safety" in your Sept. 13 edition.

Too bad there wasn't a Libertarian present to bring some common sense to 
the diatribe. Prisons and jails are overcrowding because a police state, 
"prohibition" mentality allows it. At what expense?

The flow of drugs cannot be stopped even in a prison situation. These drug 
"warriors" could put a prison wall around Rutland and bring total tyranny 
to the citizens within and still not stop the flow of drugs. At what 
expense are we willing to continue this madness? The war on drugs is as 
futile as the war in Vietnam.

Politicians who jump on the Bush-geois bandwagon of locking up American 
citizens should get the message. Politicians such as Bob Barr of Georgia 
and Brian Marthage of Rutland County just found out that their support of 
harsher penalties for social problems will not win them any votes. Perhaps, 
Jim Douglas should read the UVM study which said that 74 percent of 
Vermonters support compassion over class war tyranny. Compassion, not harm. 
Cures, not wars.



The writer is the Libertarian candidate for governor.
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