Pubdate: Mon, 16 Sep 2002
Source: Peak, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 Peak Publications Society
Author: Matt Brambilla


Marc Ander can "scream until he's blue in the face" about cannabis users 
getting cancer as often as their nicotine-addicted counterparts, but that 
still won't make this particular scare story true. While it is agreed that 
inhaling smoke into your lungs increases the risk of pulmonary disease, the 
marijuana/cancer link has never been proven by science. He then goes on to 
speak of the over-all death rate as "relatively low..." I would be inclined 
to agree - zero is a pretty low number! Mr. Ander (who has conveniently 
dropped the name of the anti-smoking organisation he is affiliated with) 
clearly shows his ignorance in attempting to raise the spectre of Big 
Tobacco lacing cigarettes with "subliminal levels" of marijuana.

The Senate report never recommended selling cannabis in "corner stores," as 
Mr. Ander contends. Here's a crazy idea - why doesn't Marc actually take 
the time to read the report before attempting to frighten people with the 
cannabis boogeyman? It might go a long way in making people think he knows 
what he is talking about.

Matt Brambilla
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