Pubdate: Tue, 24 Sep 2002
Source: Cambridge Reporter, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2002 The Cambridge Reporter
Author: Dave Almond


Re Joe Hueglin's Sept. 17 letter to the editor titled Many questions need 
answers. I think Hueglin is fooling himself by posing questions of 
enforcement for marijuana use. What I don't think Mr. Hueglin is 
comprehending is that these questions already exist in our society: 
questions that the police must currently ignore, since there is no dialogue 
concerning how marijuana use may be dealt with (outside of criminal 
prosecution). Let's review his comments and consider the relevance:

Will drugs with higher levels of THC be legalized as well? This is similar 
to pondering, "Would whisky be legal if beer was?" The higher level of THC 
only means that it will take less pot to get you "stoned." This is not 
heroin. We do not see pot smokers dropping dead from high-grade marijuana 
products. So, yes, hashish and oil will likely be legal (it would be 
ridiculous if they weren't).

Will driving be illegal/can it be tested on the spot? Impaired driving is 
illegal (including driving tired). But smoking pot makes most people less 
likely to even want to drive a car, and marijuana has a strong, sticky 
odour, which can be detected. An officer may perform a sobriety test. The 
results may then be confirmed through blood tests.

How will they distinguish the age of purchaser? With photo ID. Perhaps a 
new form of ID will be created, but surely a passport would suffice.

What taxation will be affixed? As much as the government can get away with.

Dave Almond

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