Pubdate: Mon, 23 Sep 2002
Source: Ada Evening News, The (OK)
Copyright: 2002 The Ada Evening News
Author: Jeremy Cantrell


Recent drug busts in the Ada city limits have prompted an unexpected result 
- - Ada Police officers uncovered an alarming amount of crack cocaine.

Officers found more than 20 grams of the rock-like substance, with a street 
value of more than $4,000. The common crack cocaine client uses a small 
"rock" worth $20, when they take a "hit." That's 200 "hits," judging by the 
amount confiscated on just four individuals. That's a lot of crack.

Crack, as it is commonly referred to, is a solid form of freebased cocaine. 
It is called "crack" because it snaps and cracks when heated and smoked.

Traditionally, cocaine was designated as a "yuppie" drug. Now, the 
less-expensive and commonplace crack cocaine is affordable and available to 
nearly anyone. And with the recent influx, it could bein your neighborhood too.

Herb Darras, executive director of Ada Area Chemical Dependency Center, 
Inc. and a certified drug and alcohol counselor, said the rise in the use 
of crack cocaine is evident, but not voluminous.

"Two to three years ago, there was no reports of crack cocaine," Darras 
said. "Within the past 60 to 90 days, it seems we have had some clients 
seeking help." Darras suspects crack cocaine must have been brought into 
the area.

Darras says that methamphetamine and alcohol is still the drug-of-choice in 
the Ada area. That, in itself, is nothing to scoff at.

Other than being a member of task force there is not much the average 
resident can do. Ada Police officials say residents should not ignore it if 
several individuals begin frequenting a specific residence at all hours of 
the night. If this type of activity occurs, police officials say to give 
them a call.
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