Pubdate: Thu, 19 Sep 2002
Source: Beacon Herald, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2002 Beacon Herald
Author: Clay Scott


To the Editor:

Helen Barker's concerns (On My Mind, Sept. 10) regarding cannabis are
as understandable as they are unsubstantiated.

As parents, we try our best to provide as many opportunities for our
children and to steer them out of harm's way. That being said, the
illegal market that is currently in place provides the opportunity for
children of any age to buy cannabis of unknown quality. Additionally,
it necessitates contact with dealers who sell not only cannabis but a
variety of drugs.

Her solution of decriminalization changes none of this and serves only
to provide the provincial government a cut of the pie through fines.
Her assertion that children will now begin using drugs before school
is equally absurd and sells our children short. Any child who wishes
to come to school high already is going to, legislation or no

We don't accept people showing up for work or school impaired by
alcohol or prescription drugs, why should the standard be any
different with cannabis?

The senate committee members have not come up with their decision in a
vacuum, they have considered the testimony of experts in all related
fields, and their conclusions are well thought out. A legal regulated
cannabis market will provide safeguards that are impossible with the
current system.

Clay Scott,
Maple Ridge, B.C.
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