Pubdate: Mon, 16 Sep 2002
Source: Peak, The (CN BC)
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Author: Wayne Phillips
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It is obvious to any that have read the Senate Summary Report that Mark 
Ander hasn't read it, plain and simple.

What Ander thinks he knows about cannabis is so flawed that one would be 
hard pressed to take anything this person says on any subject as credible.

He does, however, take prohibitionist lunacy to new heights.

Ander's statement that "marijuana smokers get lung cancer almost as often 
as their nicotine-addicted counterparts" is standard prohibitionist 
fabrication. Nothing unusual.

Prominent U.S. researcher John P. Morgan of City University of New York 
Medical School told the Senate Committee that smoking marijuana does not 
seem to cause lung cancer.

"We are some 30 to 40 years into this marijuana epidemic and still have not 
seen evidence of pulmonary cancer in marijuana smokers" (Canadian Press 
June 11, 2001).

Ander's notion that "the over-all death rate is relatively low precisely 
because marijuana usage is relatively low" is also typical of 
prohibitionist nonsense. For Homer Simpson.

The Senate Report tells us that 30 per cent of the population (12 to 64 
years old) has used cannabis at least once, approximately two million 
Canadians over age 18 have used cannabis during the previous 12 months, 
approximately 600,000 have used it during the past month, and approximately 
100,000 use it daily.

But then... then his brand of "reefer madness" shifts into loopy, bigtime!

Ander demonstrates exactly how delusional prohibitionist paranoia is when 
he goes on about tobacco companies lacing existing tobacco brands with 
subliminal levels of marijuana!

Should you encounter this individual on the street, make no eye contact... 
just back away ever so slowly.

Ander is seriously in need of clinical help!

Wayne Phillips
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