Pubdate: Thu, 19 Sep 2002
Source: San Francisco Examiner (CA)
Copyright: 2002 San Francisco Examiner
Author: Tammera Halphen


IT SEEMS THAT Louis Hernandez (Letters, Sept. 13) is confused. He seems to 
be trying to link marijuana reform to anti-war activists and painting all 
with a broad brush, labeling all of us liberals.

The fact is that medical marijuana has widespread support from liberals and 
conservatives. Polls show 85 percent of the public support medical 
marijuana. While support for marijuana legalization lags behind, polls are 
approaching 50 percent. Surely our supporters aren't all liberals. I 
personally know marijuana reform activists who are NRA pro-gun activists, 
right-wing Republicans and supporters of war with Iraq.

Hernandez also seems to be confused about the Bush administration's 
position. He alludes to our "lifestyle drug of choice being threatened by 
another country." Doesn't Hernandez realize that marijuana users are 
already threatened by our own country? It sure isn't Canada or Iraq that is 
storming into our medical marijuana clubs, terrorizing the patients, 
cutting down the marijuana and arresting the operators.

Tammera Halphen, Houston
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