Pubdate: Wed, 28 Aug 2002
Source: Honolulu Weekly (HI)
Copyright: 2002 Honolulu Weekly Inc
Author: Spike Bradford


To say that there is a "shortage" of marijuana due to eradication efforts 
is misleading. (Honolulu Diary, "Ice vs. pot," HW, 7/31). It would be more 
accurate to say that pot is difficult to access in Hawai'i. While there is 
pot available for those who choose to seek it out and pay for it, its 
inflated price leads drug users to seek cheaper, more accessible drugs such 
as methamphetamine.

During Prohibition in the early part of the last century, there was no 
"shortage" of safe, smuggled foreign liquor, primarily from Canada. 
However, the illegality of such booze made it prohibitively expensive, 
leading most drinkers to guzzle homemade moonshine and whiskey, which could 
cause blindness and, in some cases, death.

If you've got the money, you can get whatever drugs you want. However, 
marijuana prohibition and the price inflation it causes lead most people to 
seek cheaper highs, which often are more damaging to the individual and to 
society than marijuana use.

Spike Bradford
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