Pubdate: Sat, 14 Sep 2002
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel (CA)
Copyright: 2002 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Author: Richard Quigley
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The state of California is actually the Republic of California, with the 
sovereign power of its citizens vested in the separate counties. The 
highest police authority in any county is the sheriff. Nobody, as in 
nobody, has jurisdiction or authority superior to that of the county 
sheriff (so long as he's acting in accordance with the law).

Sheriff Mark Tracy is sworn to support and defend the Constitution of 
California against all enemies, which it would seem on Sept. 6 meant the DEA.

Instead of sending deputies to disperse the crowd that had gathered in 
defense of their fellow citizens against an unlawful trespass and theft of 
personal property protected by the California Constitution, I want to know 
why Tracy didn't order his deputies to take the DEA agents into custody and 
hold them for arraignment and trial for destroying all that medicine. The 
DEA was clearly acting in a manner contrary to established law.

What's the sense of amending the California Constitution to protect the 
right of Californians, if the various agencies sworn to defend the 
constitution and protect those rights do not do their job?

One deputy called the DEA agents "babies" because they called on Sheriff 
Tracy to protect them from righteous outrage by offended citizens. I think 
that term could be extended to Tracy for not arresting those "babies" on 
the spot for violating California law.

if we are to pretend to be a nation of laws, and a law-abiding republic, 
it's time we do something about such breaches to duty by elected and sworn 
bureaucrats - especially those making over $100,000 a year. If Tracy's not 
going to earn his keep, he should clear the way for someone who will.

Richard Quigley

Santa Cruz
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