Pubdate: Fri, 13 Sep 2002
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel (CA)
Copyright: 2002 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Author: Bryan Arthur


The Wo/men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) was raided on Sept. 5 at 
7 a.m. The drug war has truly gone too far this time. President mini-me is 
perpetuating the federal closed-minded approach on natural medicine, his 
newly appointed drug czar could have easily been taken straight out of the 
1950s. The U.S. government is supposedly the most advanced on the planet, 
yet they don't possess the power to comprehend the real effects of 
marijuana and determine laws accordingly. How can a government of people 
say that a plant can't grow? They stand to lose billions in property 
seizures if marijuana is completely legalized in the U.S.

On the medicinal side, the 283 people who belong to the Wo/mens Alliance 
for Medical Marijuana, 80 percent of whom are terminally ill, are now 
without medicine. Why? Talk about human rights. ... What if you were 
severely injured in a hospital and the doctor was about to give you 
morphine for your pain and - boom - the door's down and the DEA Third Reich 
stick automatic military rifles in your face and take away your IV. Sounds 
inhumane and impossible, but the DEA raided probably the most credible, 
focused and successful medical marijuana club in existence, leaving the 
patients with no relief from their ailments. It's just wrong.

Marijuana has a great many positive effects for many different types of 
people. For instance, I have known many people who have been diagnosed with 
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and have abandoned their 
cocaine-like Ritalin or Aderall pills for a bag of pot. I don't really see 
a problem with that if a person can't sit still and concentrate.

Bryan Arthur

Santa Cruz
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