Pubdate: Thu, 12 Sep 2002
Source: NOW Magazine (Canada)
Copyright: 2002 NOW Communications Inc.
Author: Meril Draper


I just read the letter by Brian Martinka (NOW, September 5-11). It's clear 
Martinka has never had a loved one who benefited from marijuana.

In 1983, my grandfather developed throat cancer. My grandmother would allow 
him one hand-rolled cigarette each day. When she found out that marijuana 
might help his appetite, we would put the "medicine" in the cigarette and 
watch before our very eyes the miracle of marijuana. He immediately stopped 
throwing up and was able to keep his food and medicine in his stomach, 
where it belonged.

I pray that Martinka never has to find out about the medical uses of 
marijuana the way I did.

Meril Draper

Brinnon, Washington
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