Pubdate: Tue, 10 Sep 2002
Source: Detroit Free Press (MI)
Contact:  2002 Detroit Free Press
Author: Tim Turner
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I agree with Canada's decision to consider regulated legalization of
marijuana, and the United States should follow Canada's example ("Windsor
could be spot for legal pot; Canadian plan would treat it much like beer,"
Sept. 6). Whether the initiative is approved or not, this is finally a step
in the right direction. 

Every day, people use marijuana -- doctors, lawyers, factory workers and so
on. This is going to continue through legalization or criminalization. 

The United States continues a stance that marijuana is highly addictive and
dangerous to the minds of its citizens as a gateway drug. Most marijuana
users do not use heroin, crack, cocaine or amphetamines. Marijuana is less
addictive and physically damaging than alcohol or tobacco, or even many
prescription drugs. 

Instead of wasting money, time and effort on marijuana, why not make money
available for research and take the crime out of smoking a natural product? 

Tim Turner

Sterling Heights
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