Pubdate: Mon,  9 Sep 2002
Source: West Hawaii Today (HI)
Contact:  2002 West Hawaii Today
Author: Zoe Hicks
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Reading all these articles for the last few years about the growing ice
epidemic on our island is really frustrating.

I find it absolutely ridiculous that the state has the time and resources to
harass honest license holding med-pot growers, but yet not enough to bust
drug deals that go on in broad daylight, in the middle of town.

My own mother, who has a med-pot license, has helicopters fly so close, her
entire house shakes. And yet I have to be scared to park my car at the Club
back lot because every time I do, I am witness to a drug deal. I am not a
pot advocate by any means, but even I can say  who cares about a little pot
when our island is being overrun by this violent drug. This is not even to
mention the numerous friends that I have lost to this drug, people who were
talented, who could have gone so far in life, and they end up living on the
street. Some even selling all their possessions, and sometimes even their
bodies, all in the name of ice.

This drug is tearing up families and communities. Five years ago you never
had to lock your car, let alone your home. Now everything has to have dead
bolts and alarms. People, let us get our priorities in order. Just writing
this letter has brought me to tears. When I think of the lives that have
been taken. The families that have been broken. The way the whole idea of
"island life" has been shattered.

You may think that this is not your problem, that you are to upstanding of a
citizen, that you never involve yourself in drugs and alcohol, and can't be
affected. I warn you  don't be naive when it comes to this powerful drug.
Talk about it with your neighbors? Bring it up at your community meetings.
If you aren't involved, or don't have community meetings, start them. It is
up to us in the community to keep ourselves informed, educated and safe. The
police can only do so much.

And to all the parents out there  please talk to your children, they are
smarter and more mature than you may think.

Zoe Hicks

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