Pubdate: Fri, 06 Sep 2002
Source: Hamilton Spectator (CN ON)
Copyright: The Hamilton Spectator 2002
Author: Gary Direnfeld


Legalizing Marijuana

RE: 'Senators would legalize pot' (Sept. 5).

Thursday's editorial cartoon by Spectator artist Graeme MacKay was great; 
members of the Senate must be stoned.

What are they thinking? Saying that marijuana is less dangerous than 
alcohol or cigarette smoking flies in the face of real science. And 
suggesting a legal age of 16 is utterly ludicrous.

We know that drinking and driving don't mix; let's not add dope to the mix.

In Ontario, the highest fatalities among teen drivers are 17-year-olds 
(first year of independent driving under graduated licensing), followed by 
19-year-olds (the legal age for drinking alcohol).

Fatalities would soar with legal access to a mind-altering drug at this 
earlier age while teens are still learning to master driving.

If marijuana were legalized, any teen with a pot seed and a bag of dirt 
would be able to grow it.

Talk about letting the genie out of the bottle.

- -- Gary Direnfeld, Dundas,

executive director,

I Promise Program Inc.

(teen safe driving initiative). 
- ---
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