Pubdate: Tue,  3 Sep 2002
Source: West Hawaii Today (HI)
Contact:  2002 West Hawaii Today
Author: Kea Wells, John Robison, Rhonda Robison
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Note: Mahalo means "Thanks." For more on medical cannabis and cannabis
eradication in Hawaii go to



As the three individuals who were arrested for having medicinal marijuana at
our home, July 8, we would like to thank the Big Island communities for all
our you aloha and support. Your generous out pouring of compassion towards
us from around the island, your prayers, your smiles, your donations and the
encouragements along with strength from God will get us through this.

We would also like to thank our Hawaii County Council for allowing us to
testify and for going beyond the call of duty in contacting HCPD. 

Thank you to the policed for allotting time in your schedule for coming to
represent HCPD at the County Council meeting on Aug. 13.

Kea Wells

John Robison

Rhonda Robison
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