Pubdate: Tue, 03 Sep 2002
Source: Reno Gazette-Journal (NV)
Copyright: 2002 Reno Gazette-Journal
Author: Franklin Brown, Nicholas Aguilera, Dale Morgan, and Douglas J. Esposito


I am writing this letter to say I approve of ballot Question 9. First of 
all we (Nevadans for Responsible Law Enforcement) are only pushing for 
common-sense legislation on marijuana, not any other drug. Let's face it, 
compared to legal tobacco and alcohol, it is far less dangerous to use. 
Nobody has ever died from smoking pot!

I'm 40 years old and I used to smoke marijuana and tobacco; I have since 
stopped smoking both, but when it was time for me to quit smoking, pot was 
very easy, with no ill effects, but tobacco was extremely difficult and I 
still wrestle with that demon (addiction) all the time! I have never been a 
big drinker, but I have seen alcoholism destroy family members and friends 
over the years, even killing my uncle. So by comparison there's no way 
marijuana should be illegal for adults to use in the privacy of their own 

With a regulated market for marijuana, licensed distributors will not risk 
their license by selling to minors. Black-market dealers, who answer to no 
one, on the other hand, will sell to kids just to get rid of their product 
as quickly as possible.

Franklin Brown, Sparks
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I support legalization of marijuana. Unlike the harder drugs that have no 
health benefit, marijuana does. Those unable to keep food down can when 
they smoke pot. People who suffer from insomnia may benefit from the 
relaxation and sleep that smoking pot brings. Those who suffer from 
depression may also find some benefit in the "up" feeling from smoking pot. 
The state also benefits from revenue gained by taxes from the sale of 
marijuana, as well as the tourism such a measure might bring in.

This is America. Part of freedom is being able to make choices. If a person 
chooses to smoke pot within the bounds of their property, then that is 
their choice and right, so long as they don't infringe on another's 
liberty, property and life.

Support legalization. It's not just about marijuana but everyone's freedom 
and individual pursuits of happiness, even if happiness is a "joint" away.

Nicholas Aguilera, Sparks
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In regard to the upcoming marijuana initiative, there is so much 
information that the American people do not know because the government 
chooses to hide it from them. Instead, they resorted to a campaign of lies 
through propaganda to turn the public against any attempts at 

Since the Nixon era, the government has done numerous scientific studies to 
prove that marijuana was dangerous, addictive, a "gateway" drug, and had no 
medicinal value. Each one resulted in proving the exact opposite, and the 
results were shelved. Government researchers even recommended 
decriminalizing it almost 30 years ago! A National Highway Traffic Safety 
Board study found the only effect on drivers was they drove slower.

I challenge the RGJ to do one unbiased article on the laws that originally 
made it illegal. It was made illegal due to racist fears of the Mexican 
farm workers who used it, not because it was considered dangerous. It has 
been used medically for over 5,000 years with positive results, and just 
because the government doesn't agree doesn't change that fact.

Medicines often produce side effects. Sometimes they are physically 
unpleasant. Cannabis, too, has uncomfortable side effects, but these are 
not physical; they are political.

Dale Morgan, Carson City
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I support Question 9. If one does the research, i.e. the Schaffer Library, 
as well as studies by UCLA, National Institute of Mental Health, Edinburgh 
University, McLean Hospital and many more, it becomes clear that marijuana 
should be legal. One interesting report to the California Judge Association 
1995 Annual Conference by Professor Charles Whitebread gives a good account 
of misconceptions leading to it becoming illegal in the first place.

Douglas J. Esposito, Incline Village
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