Pubdate: Wed, 28 Aug 2002
Source: Trail Daily Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 Trail Daily Times
Author: Wayne Phillips


To the Editor:

Regarding Paul Willcock's Aug. 19 column, Ottawa Eerily Silent on U.S.
Illegal Operation in B.C.

It is not at all surprising that America routinely carries on "reverse
sting operations" in America.  This is commonplace amid the American
federal agencies' War on Drugs hysteria.

For American undercover agents entered Canada illegally is another

It is apparent from this action that America has no regard for our
laws, or our sovereignty.

For the Justice Minister Cauchon to even consider appealing B.C.
Supreme Court Justice Janice Dillon's ruling is not only appalling, it
is a slap in the face to Canada.

Not only should Cauchon step down as Canada's Justice Minister, he
should remove himself entirely from Canadian politics.  This
individual is not fit to represent Canada in any capacity.

The reaction, or lack of action (in this instance), of Solicitor
General Lawrence MacAulay's staff is equally unconscionable.

Somebody should remind these people that their salaries are paid by
Canadian taxpayer moneys, not American.

Wayne Phillips,
Hamilton, Ont.
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