Pubdate: Sun, 25 Aug 2002
Source: Savannah Morning News (GA)
Copyright: 2002 Savannah Morning News
Author: Thomas Hughes


Sam Hollis of Savannah showed he does not have a clue ("Marijuana not 
innocent as columnist claims," Letters, Aug. 10) when he wrote in response 
to Kathleen Parker's Aug. 3 commentary, "Government's war on drugs."

It is obvious that Mr. Hollis is the one who did not do his homework. Ms. 
Parker was right on target. Marijuana is not addicting and is one of the 
most benign substances known to man. It has no hallucinogenic effect and 
driving or operating heavy machinery while on marijuana has minimal effect 
on impairment.

Mr. Hollis spouted the fear of change if marijuana were to be legalized. 
Believe me, there is no shortage of it now. It is out there if a person 
wants it. Laws have no effect on its supply. The war on drugs is a gigantic 
waste of money and resources.

The worst thing about marijuana is the law -- that is where marijuana 
destroys lives. The law puts people in jail for what, smoking or selling 
weed? There are no victims and no property crimes. Jailing people is not 

The medical benefits of marijuana are numerous. As for industrial benefits, 
there are more than 50,000 industrial uses known for the crop, including 
less dependency on foreign oil.

It says a lot about my country when we pay prison guards more than teachers 
and build more prisons than schools.

I thank Ms. Parker for telling what needed to be told. It is not easy to 
take a stand and go against the grain. It is time more people did the same 
so we can end the madness called the war on drugs.


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