Pubdate: Wed, 21 Aug 2002
Source: Florida Today (FL)
Copyright: 2002 Florida Today
Author: Betty Janick


The Lord should grant everyone the wisdom to read the columns of Molly
Ivins and Arianna Huffington, and the clarity of mind to comprehend
what they are reading, and what is actually happening in this country.

Thank you, Florida Today, for adding these two intelligent and
informed ladies to your paper. Now, if you could somehow get a column
by the most honest and decent man to run for president, Ralph Nader.

I don't share their opinions on everything, especially guns -- calling
911 won't save me when someone is climbing in my window. Considering
the number of guns out there, the death rate from guns is far less
than from some recreational pursuits. Gun deaths could be reduced,
along with our prison population, if we would treat drug addiction as
the health and social problem it is, and stop this ridiculous war on

It makes massive amounts of money for the sellers, corrupts those
involved in the detection process and perpetuates turmoil in countries
like Columbia. You will always find people willing to sell their souls
for money, and we have plenty of them involved in our political system.

Please keep the truth out there. We need to see it in black and white.
We have such short attention spans.

Port St. John
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