Pubdate: Sun, 25 Aug 2002
Source: Deseret News (UT)
Copyright: 2002 Deseret News Publishing Corp.
Author: Jim White


The Desert News deserves kudos for opting to get the facts on treating 
addicts and for advocating the education of the public on the issue. Health 
care professionals and doctors need to come forward and repudiate the 
decades of mischaracterizations of drug addiction and enlighten the public 
to the real problems facing society and addicts. For far too long, the 
demonization of drug addiction, the demoralizing separation and consequent 
imprisonment of addicts as a criminal solution to a medical problem has 
failed us, as a society, miserably.

Many drug users need help, many don't, but creating an environment of 
mistrust and hatred toward addicts serves no one. I hope the Desert News 
takes an active role in educating the public on the aspects of drug 
addiction and the various forms of treatment and addiction management 
programs that have proven to be effective around the world.

Jim White; Oregon, Ohio
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